! The #1 thing to speak English fluently is…

Hi ,

In this email, I’m going to share with you

the # 1 strategy to make you speak English fluently

First, I’ll let you guess it. Is it

–Listen, listen, listen…

–Read, read, read…

–Write, write, write…?


However, this is what most people are doing to try to speak fluent English!

To speak fluent English, the #1 strategy is this:

–Speak, speak, speak!

This is because in order for us foreigners to speak fluent English, we foreigners need to

correct our pronunciation,

correct our accent,

correct our tone,

correct our volume,

correct our flow,

correct our expression,

correct our everything.

And to do that, we need to practice! Native speakers don’t need to practice their English, but we foreigners do.

When I came to America, I spoke no English. Three years later, I spoke some broken English. Then, I practiced, and six months later, I turned my broken English into fluent English.

In the efforts that followed, I was even able to turn my English into native English. And yes, now I speak English like a native speaker. I was already an adult when I started to practice English. If I can do it, you can do it too. So practice your speaking.

To Your Success!

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